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The Best Value Golf Near Phoenix Arizona

Leisure World Golf - Mesa GolfWelcome to Leisure World Golf .... where members become friends for a lifetime and share experiences that are cherished forever.  Our commitment is to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones through sport, fitness, laughter, relaxation and an active calendar of social events, all in Mesa Arizona, just minutes from downtown Phoenix Arizona!

Escape the crowded fairways of other courses and relax with your friendly neighbors and among the gorgeous greens at Leisure World.  Enjoy golf the way you always dreamed possible...

Our Culture

The Club’s mission is dedicated to providing a unique experience of two classic 
golf courses coupled with other outstanding amenities to serve its membership.
We accomplish this by having extraordinary facilities, offering a variety of events and programs throughout the year and staff members providing exceptional service. 
Our team has a unique opportunity to help enhance the lives of our Residents and Membership daily.  Leisure World Golf values its staff members and considers them as one of the most important assets of our Club.  We believe in providing personal growth opportunities and promoting within the Club.

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